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Registration Working


Well, registration is up and working. You should be able to register, log in, log out, and update your information as you please.

Unfortunately, there's nothing to do with your account yet. I've been writing registration all day, so I'm going to take a break, and hopefully get something up tomorrow.

As always, hit me up on Twitter with questions and comments

User Registration in Progress


You've probably noticed the Login fields above the navigation to the left. They work, I promise. But registration doesn't yet. I'm leaving it unfinished for a few hours. I know, bad form. But I have other things to do for a little while.

Hopefully, by the end of the day, registration will work, and you'll be able to put some content into the site. Namely, you'll be able to create and share modules (adventures, sessions, whatever you want to call them). They'll be grouped into campaigns, and the campaigns will be either public or private. Eventually, you'll be able to invite users to see your private campaigns, and you might even be able to start an instance of any public campaign or campaign you own.

Basically, I'm putting this up to get some additional content going. The ego manager is taking a while to get right, and I frankly haven't had the time to work much on it. This will take a little less time to get up and working.

Templates and Traits


You'll notice that the previous news items are gone. Yeah. They weren't actually in the database, they were just on the page. Now, I'm updating the database. I've also started using Smarty templates for layout.

These two details implies a couple more items: For one, hey, there's a database, and the database includes several tables that are necessary for the Ego manager. Also, since news items are now going in the database, expect an RSS feed soon. And since there's some data already in the database, I'm putting up filterable lists of traits, skills, and psi-sleights. Backgrounds and factions will be soon to come.

That's a lot of data, right? Too much for a simple Ego manager? Well, the Ego manager might be closer to a character generator than I thought. We'll see.

Other things in the works:

The Trait list is up and ready to use, though it needs a little tweaking on the filters. It's perfectly functional, but the filters aren't saved when they're applied.

As always, check me out on Twitter if you have any questions or comments. Or just use the widget to the right.