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Arabic Words

Arabic is one of the most common languages spoken in the solar system in the universe of Eclipse Phase, so it would make sense that no matter what language your character is speaking, some arabic terms may make their way into their vocabulary. Here are some terms to get you started. I am by no means an expert in Arabic, I just did a little research. A lot of the accents are missing, and these are likely very mixed in terms of dialect. Min fadlak, take this with a grain of salt.

English Arabic
beer bira
eat up sukthange
expensive ghali
friend sadiq
have a safe journey bissalama
hello marhaba
how are you kafe al haal?
very well tamam/bikhair
fine zen (m)/zena (f)
hurry yalla
no la
money feluus
moron gahwa
oh no akh laa
oh shit yaha
please min fadlak
what's new? shako mako?
nothing new kulshi mako
sweetheart/baby habibi
thank you shukran
there is nothing kul shee maku
thug ulug
yes aewa/na'am

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